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Class: 'Tugu Creole Portuguese'

Annotations (6)

  • rdf:value ""
  • rdfs:comment "About Mardijker Creole (spoken in the village and suburbs of Tugu up to 1940):
    Mardijker is an extinct Portuguese-based creole of Jakarta. It was introduced with the Dutch settlement of Batavia; the Dutch brought in slaves from the colonies they had recently acquired from the Portuguese, and the slaves' Portuguese creole became the lingua franca of the new city.
  • rdfs:label "Tugu Creole Portuguese" @en
  • rdfs:label "Tugu-Kreolisch" @de
  • skos:prefLabel "Tugu Creole Portuguese" @en
  • skos:prefLabel "Tugu-Kreolisch" @de

Superclasses (2)