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Class: 'Big mess construction'

Annotations (6)

  • rdf:value ""
  • rdfs:comment "The so-called Big Mess Construction (e.g. so prominent a punctuation), introduced by a limited set of degree words, places an adjectival expression in the predeterminer position. The term goes back to Berman (1974).

    Berman, A. (1974). Adjectives and adjective complement constructions in English. PhD dissertation, Harvard University.

    Jong-Bok, K. & Sells, P. (2011). The Big Mess Construction: interactions between the lexicon and constructions. English Language and Linguistics, 15, 335-362. doi:10.1017/S1360674311000062"
  • rdfs:label "Big mess construction" @de
  • rdfs:label "Big mess construction" @en
  • skos:prefLabel "Big mess construction" @de
  • skos:prefLabel "Big mess construction" @en

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