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Class: Sambahsa-mundialect

Annotations (6)

  • rdf:value "02.28.41"
  • rdfs:comment "Sambahsa-mundialect is an international auxiliary language created by Olivier Simon. It was first released on the Net in July 2007. Sambahsa-mundialect (Sambahsa from sam (same) and bahsa (language); mundialect is a fusion between mundial and dialect) is a mixture of reconstructed language and auxlang, drawing vocabulary and grammar from Indo-European as modified based on common modern usage. It also has words from outside Indo-European.

  • rdfs:label "Sambahsa-mundialect" @de
  • rdfs:label "Sambahsa-mundialect" @en
  • skos:prefLabel "Sambahsa-mundialect" @de
  • skos:prefLabel "Sambahsa-mundialect" @en

Superclasses (2)