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Class: Possession

Annotations (5)

  • rdfs:comment "Possession, in the context of linguistics, is an asymmetric relationship between two constituents, the referent of one of which (the possessor) in some sense possesses (owns, has as a part, rules over, etc.) the referent of the other (the possessed).

    "Linguistic POSSESSION consists of the representation of a relationship between a substance and another substance. Substance A, called the POSSESSOR, is prototypically [+animate], more specifically [+human], and still more specifically [+EGO] or close to the speaker." (Seiler 1983:4)

    Seiler, H. (1983). Possession as an operational dimension of language. Tübingen: Gunter Narr."
  • rdfs:label "Possession" @de
  • rdfs:label "Possession" @en
  • skos:prefLabel "Possession" @de
  • skos:prefLabel "Possession" @en

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